From wines such as Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classico,Soave, Prosecco,

truffles,pasta, cheeses and more, Italy is a favorite destination

for discerning – and daring! – gourmets

Indulge your senses and taste the finest wines Italy has to offer!

 Exploring the wine country

The wines produced in Italy are countless: but have you ever thought about the beauty of the places in which they are produced?  If the juice of Bacchus awakens the taste buds, everything else is a joy to behold.

Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, and Italian wines are known worldwide for their broad variety. Italy, closely followed by France, is the world’s largest wine producer by volume.

Italy, is known worldwide for being a land of ancient flavors and great food. And precious wines! Its reputation in the field can even stand the comparison with that of our French cousins ​​.

Italy’s twenty wine regions correspond to the twenty administrative regions. Understanding of Italian wine becomes clearer with an understanding of the differences between each region; their cuisines reflect their indigenous wines, and vice-versa

Each year, sommeliers and connoisseurs are running throughout the boot to find the best productions, traveling between wineries and farmhouses.

Poor things, you will be commenting sarcastically, but it is to be said that fine taste bud is not for everybody.

Nevertheless, nothing prevents anybody to get on the road and do exactly that: A Luxury Gourmet & Wine Tour that will probably  be the start of a trip that will never end. Almost every small Borgo in Italy has its own wine and the local pride pasta.

Difficult to decide where to start but we can design some interesting itineraries for you to explore and taste some of the most famous places in Italy for wine production. Italian wine could easily be considered the final frontier of knowledge for wine geeks. This is because there are at least 350 common wine grape varieties used to make Italian wines.The occasion is not only to decant the delicious grape juice, but also to discover small towns and localities that are in themselves jewels to visit.

From north to south, the thrill of a vacation in Italy is waiting to be tasted.

A Wine Tour in Italy is one of the best ways to discover the true essence of the country- the idyllic wine roads and castles of Tuscany and Piemonte, the haute cuisine of Emilia Romagna, the romance and Villas of the Veneto, the delightful fishing villages on the Ligurian and Amalfi Coasts, etc. V.I.P. Racing offers private luxury wine vacations in the most beautiful regions of Italy, with an emphasis on wine tasting and dining.