Igles Corelli has been appointed President UIR (Unione Italiana Ristoratori) towards to Expo 2015

“La grande cucina non nasconde il sapore della terra dalla quale nasce”
“The great kitchen does not hide the flavor of the earth from which it was born”
                                                                                                                                   Tonino Guerra

Igles Corelli has always been a symbol of the avant-garde, beginning with the years at the head of the mythical and unforgettable Trigabolo of Argenta (Ferrara), the restaurant that in the 80s has seen at the debut chefs who later became among the most famous of Italian cuisine: Bruno Barbieri, Marcello Leoni, Pierluigi Di Diego just to name a few.

To Igles Corelli was pinned another medal which honors his vision and innovation: the election at President of the UIR, Italian Union of Restaurateurs, the association establishment in 1971 and increased steadily under the direction of Savino Vurchio.

One of the first statements of Igles Corelli’s it’s the commitment to the internationalization of Italian cuisine: “Along with other we will open a restaurant in Moscow and one in Beijing. The first will be in the Soviet capital. We are thinking about the team, then we will land in China.

A vision that fits perfectly in the strategies of the UIR that looks to Expo 2015 as an appointment to enhance the role and future of the Italian restaurant, asserting the international value.
“Towards Expo 2015 we have a position that I would call collateral – says the president – in the sense that we will aim to develop a series of initiatives in the city, with respect to the exhibition venue of the Expo 2015”